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rE: Live Life Magazine | January 25, 2015

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100 Years of Giving Back

March 26, 2014 |

90 Years Texas Tech University

No single event has been more important in creating a vibrant city of Lubbock than when a location committee appointed by Texas Gov. Pat M. Neff selected the Hub City from more than two dozen West … Read More

March 26, 2014 |

It all began when Kyle Sheets, entrepreneur and Papa of ten, decided to enlarge his boundaries and go to medical school. In the process of completing his residency in 1999, he found himself in need of a specific training rotation, and … Read More

Teeing Off in the Hub City

March 26, 2014 |

Lubbock is the Hub of the South Plains and best known for its incredible lack of trees, water and hills. It is also known for cotton fields, pickup trucks, and as of late, The Rawls Golf Course – now rated as one of the … Read More

Tornado Safety

March 26, 2014 |

There is much to be learned from the movies, especially the great classics.

Gone with the Wind taught us that in the event of a crisis, one could fashion an elaborate gown from an old pair of velvet curtains.

In To Kill a Mockingbird, … Read More

March 26, 2014 |

This isn’t just a Super Bowl problem. It’s a NATIONAL problem.

In the dark world of human trafficking, young girls and boys end up nameless, identified only as statistics.

Who helps the children who have no advocate? Antoinette is … Read More

December 5, 2013 |

A Story of Courage in the Face of Unexpected Blindness… By Gloria Toti 

Jennifer was enjoying life as a high school student. She had high aspirations of using her creative and artistic ability after graduation. She loved drawing caricatures with … Read More

December 5, 2013 |

How safe would you say you are in Lubbock? It might surprise you to know that just as recent as 2010, Forbes ranked the “Hub City” as the 6th most dangerous place to live in America.

So let’s test your “street smarts”

DO YOU… … Read More